Track Style With Dynapro + Lilybod

Once the weather gets hot I like to take my workouts outdoors. This can be your backyard, the park, or your city track! For HIIT workouts, I prefer the track where I can do laps and keep my equipment in site. Our city track is fairly new with a large grass field in the center with plenty of room for working out. I took along my new gear from Dynapro and was ready to sweat!

If you’re not familiar with Dynapro, they have professional quality fitness equipment. I have Katie’s Fitness Package which comes with a jump rope, resistance bands, mini resistance bands, and an exercise ball. I love how everything is pink (obviously) and coordinates. It’s only $49 which is super affordable for a workout set containing everything it does. Most of my workouts incorporate the medicine ball and resistance bands. Jump roping, which kills tons of calories in a fraction of the time running does, is a super effective exercise to add to your routine.

Here is a quick 30-minute track workout for you to try:

2X 400m laps – fast run

2-minute jump rope

2X 400m laps – full sprint

2-minute jump rope

30 Exercise ball crunches – center

15 Exercise ball crunches – obliques (each side)

This is a fun, fast, and rather sweaty workout for you to take on next time you’re at the track. It really brings up your heart rate and burns lots of calories. I like to use my Apple Watch to track the time it takes for each lap and record improvement week-to-week. I wear my Apple Watch every single day and find it very comfortable to run in. I don’t even notice it’s there most of the time. You may have noticed, I even have on my Bytten stack from Best Buy to keep my outfit both stylish and sporty and they make no difference to the comfort of the watch.

// Get your Bytten stack from Best Buy here

I love these leggings from Lilybod. They are the Jade – Super Burst legging and they are SO comfortable and surprisingly cool to run in. I get really hot, but with the material of these leggings I didn’t overheat during my run. Lilybod has some other really fun leggings on their website including the Mali – Ultra Jet and Coco – Super Future (my other two favorites). I got the size Small and they fit perfect so I wouldn’t recommend sizing up or down.

What are some of your favorite track workouts? Comment below or tag me on social #BiancaBlogs


  1. Alexa M Johnson | 13th Jun 17

    LOVE these leggings!

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