Tufts Health Plan 10K Training Plan

In October 2017 my sister and I will be hitting the pavement for the Tufts Health Plan 10K For Women here in Boston. We are super excited as this will be the first 10K either of us has ever run! This is my next step to a half marathon and then who knows where from there? I am even more proud to announce my partnership with Tufts Health Plan in the promotion of this race. What I am here to share with you all today is my On-The-Go 10K Training Plan. Why do I say busy? Because between work, school, soccer, etc. my sister and I have a million things going on and sometimes it is hard to coordinate training. For this reason we only run four days a week and substitute the other days with strength training and plyometrics at the gym.

Need to find time to work out? Well, you’ve got several options. For me, the most effective time is really early in the morning or really late at night. I know some who manage to fit in a workout during their lunch break but that seems like a total crunch in time and I just can’t handle the stress of fitting that in. Because I don’t have much time during the week, I schedule my long runs for either Saturday or Sunday. This way I can assure that the sister will also be available to take on the miles with me! Long runs are so much better with a friend (even if you don’t talk… mutual support, you know?).

I designed this plan so it would be suitable for beginners (first time 10K runners). I run long distances as part of my normal routine, so my training plan is more intermediate! I wanted everyone to benefit from this and be able to achieve their goals without a problem. Plus, if you’re busy like me, this plan only requires getting out for runs 4 days per week and includes days for strength.

Exclusive On-The-Go 6-Week 10K Training Plan

For your HIIT workouts and post-run abs (which I highly recommend), check out my previous blogs HERE & HERE

I have been running for a long time, but have never taken this distance on in a race setting so this will be different for me. My mile has been creeping up on me again and I’ve been fighting to bring it back down (great excuse for new shoes, hey). If you want to follow along on my training journey, you can follow me by searching my name [ Bianca Palumbo ] on the Strava app! I am always looking for community members who are tackling races and sharing inspirational stories.

If you’re interested in running for an incredible organization, you can register with 15% off for a limited time HERE

Download my training plan? Send me comments on what you’d like to see changed or other questions you would like me to answer!

Another post will be coming in September that covers the history of Tufts Health Plan and the Tufts Health Plan 10K For Women.


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REGISTRATION: Tufts Health Plan 10K For Women


  1. ingirid | 2nd Sep 17

    I really like the advice of the post run ab workouts. I guess this works to strengthen the core for durability. Thanks

  2. Marvi of Osmiva | 4th Sep 17

    Indeed finding time to work out is hard, especially on busy days. Glad to hear that you’ve created a plan to help you stay fit in time 🙂

  3. Kylie | 4th Sep 17

    I think it’s absolutely incredible you have committed yourself to doing this race and even share a plan to help others achieve their first 10K! Amazing work!

    Last year I walked 280 km and got a back injury as a result. I really wished I had found something like this earlier! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. HuiXL | 4th Sep 17

    This run looks exciting. I would love to try something similar one day but I would need to work on my stamina first. I hope you have lots of fun completing it!

  5. Bern | 4th Sep 17

    If I ever decide to get back into my running groove this sounds like the perfect way to do it! I will have to bookmark this and keep it just in case. It’s so awesome how much you can push yourself. Good for you!!

  6. Talina | 5th Sep 17

    That is so awesome that you and your sister are doing this! xo

  7. Alexa | 5th Sep 17

    Make sure you allocate time for foam rolling and stretching! Really important for recovery!

  8. Saint Facetious | 5th Sep 17

    Good luck on the race! Looks like you’re pretty well motivated, and I know that’s what running really needs. I can never hit the pavement for longer than 15 minutes it seems.

  9. jane | 5th Sep 17

    wow goood luck girl! I would love to do that someday. I probably need a lot of training first lol

    Jane @ http://www.thismamablogs.com
    I blog about my journey to financial freedom and into meaningful living

  10. kristal | 5th Sep 17

    I love the idea of working out with a Little at a time sometimes it is to much to do a all in one day. This is good motativation.

  11. neha | 6th Sep 17

    I like this idea a lot. I am not a workout person but I am trying hard to squeeze in time here and there in my schedule to perform some exercise and yoga

  12. Tita Pacita | 7th Sep 17

    Yay this post is making me get up and finally get on with my yoga. I miss running, too! Good luck with your race 🙂

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