What To Wear (Or Give) This Valentine’s Day 💌

I love getting dressed up for Valentine’s Day so I wanted to share a collection of my favorites with you all here!

Hint: It’s a lot of romance colors including blush and cherry.


  1. Michele | 30th Jan 18

    Great blog and helpful post

  2. Glory of the Snow | 30th Jan 18

    Great picks, perfect for Valentine’s Day!


    • Bianca | 30th Jan 18

      Thank you! I may be getting some of these for myself.

  3. Amanda Alston | 31st Jan 18

    Gorgeous pieces! I love the heart print dress and the jumper with the heart on it, they’re so cute! Your blog looks lovely too! Amanda x

    • Bianca | 1st Feb 18

      The heart print is so fun! Love wearing bold colors and patterns. Would look adorable with a bow and red heels 🙂

  4. Chloe | 31st Jan 18

    These Valentine’s Day picks are so cute! I love the pink fluffy heart pillow and the soft pink sweater! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // https://funinthecloset.com/ways-style-slip-dress/

    • Bianca | 1st Feb 18

      Ugh yes I wish I had ordered that before redecorating my room! Soft sweaters are always a win.

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