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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, what gift is better than chocolate? In my opinion, not much. I’d rather have a big box of my favorite chocolate with a few fun pairings than some big elaborate gift (okay… or in addition to). But really I don’t go over-the-top for VDay. My boyfriend and I go out on a nice date for dinner and exchange small but thoughtful gifts and that’s how I love it. We save a bit of money on the gifts and put it towards quality bites.

If you haven’t gotten a gift for Valentine’s Day yet, now is the perfect time to order. My favorite chocolate company, Chocolate Mountain, is shipping their product on time as long as you order before February 9th. They have a special Black Diamond box that your SO will absolutely love. Every bite is absolutely delectable and is the perfect pairing for your favorite bottle of vino, that hearty meal you just ate, or alongside a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

*Sigh* … Valentine’s Day always has me swooning

But seriously, I’ve been a chocolate lover my entire life; especially dark chocolate. In my opinion, there is no better dessert. When I tried Chocolate Mountain I realized I’d never had such a delectable option before. My favorite part? They’re based out of the good ol’ US of A! It doesn’t get any better than that. I love to support home grown companies. Their Raspberry Bark is my favorite variety! It comes in their Mountain Explorer Box and is delicious with a rosé. The box even comes with a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ dark chocolate bar that adds a little something extra for that special day.

Their motto: Better together is our belief that chocolate is always better when enjoyed together with family, friends, wine, ice cream, coffee, and other daily life adventures.

There’s no doubt chocolate is better paired with your favorite things and your favorite people! Everything tastes better when you have a reason to enjoy it fully. I paired mine with the Juve Y Camps Pinot Noir Brut Rosé a Rosé Sparkling Wine from Penedes, Spain that is bottled beautifully for VDay. Plus it’s only $16.99 on

If you want to give the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, I’ve got you covered. Check out my favorites in the photo below and place your order so you can have everything together before the day!

Pro Tip: Wait until day of/before to pick up flowers in store or schedule to have them delivered on those days so they stay fresh for as long as possible.

Date Night Pairing Ideas

  1. Dine in at your favorite Italian restaurant and order the fresh brewed coffee with your chocolate ^
  2. Make reservations at the bowling lane (love King’s) and celebrate your fun-filled relationship
  3. Stay home and cook a meal together then sit back for a movie, chocolate, and a full glass of vino
  4. Grab drinks at a cocktail bar after work and spend time without any interruptions
  5. Kids? Find a fun VDay craft and talk about everything you love and appreciate about your family
  6. Go on a drive and stay overnight in one of your favorite places!

PS. Don’t forget about the chocolate (and wine). Dress to the nines to make your date feel extra special!

My Valentine’s Day Dress

Dress: HERE | Shoes: HERE | Bracelet: HERE | Watch: HERE

If you are looking to go above and beyond with your gift, the Sweetie bracelet from Links of London is a gorgeous piece that anyone will love adorning on their wrist.

What will you be pairing together for Valentine’s Day? Remember… IT’S BETTER TOGETHER! 

Find more info about Chocolate Mountain and their incredible products on their website and use code BIANCA to save 10% off of your order on their website. This is a sweet deal.


  1. Ariel | 2nd Feb 18

    Chocolate AND coffee, paired with a yummy salad and bread? Mmmmm! I am SO ready! LOL

    • Bianca | 6th Feb 18

      Salad and bread sounds good, but I’ll be yearning for a big bowl of pasta!

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