The Best Tips On Building Confidence

Building confidence and becoming yourself is something we should all work on more actively in our everyday lives. A lack of confidence can have impacts on every area of your life and won’t allow you to be your best! How can worrying day-to-day make you really appreciate everything around you? Simple, it can’t. I’ll be the first to admit that I spent much of my teenage life caring way too much what others thought of me. I took everything personally and, if we’re being totally honest, got way too emotional over people who meant nothing to me then and who mean even less now. You know when people say they “wish they could go back”? That’s likely a big part of what they’re referring to.

But… GOING BACK? No. You should never want to go back and change those things. You know why? They’re a big part of what built your character and will allow you to identify your true self. Think about it for a minute: if you were the one feeling that heat and not giving it, you likely weren’t the perpetrator. You’re above all of that nonsense! You are growing into a more mature, confident woman who should still be above all of the garbage people dished out to you back then. Because what does it matter now? It doesn’t.

Life is about taking negative experiences and turning them into positive ones that make you a better, more authentic person. That’s why you should appreciate the silly things you did and reactions that you had when you were younger. They helped you to become you! It might not feel like it now but, trust me, you are getting there. That’s what this blog is all about, right? It’s about giving you the tools to becoming a more confident, honest, and absolutely beautiful version of yourself.

Building Confidence 

It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures –

Oprah Winfrey

1 | Pull Yourself Together 

Waking up every day and making yourself feel put together can make a huge difference in your outlook and perception. Take an early shower then put on something nice (not frumpy). It’s incredible how refreshed and rejuvenated these two things can make you feel. When you look good, you feel good. It’s true! You don’t need to dress to the 9’s every day, but if you feel good in what you’re wearing and are proud to be out and about then you’ll quickly start picking up your mood!

2 | Appreciate Yourself 

If it takes writing it down in a notebook or planner every single day, do it. When you start to appreciate the little things (and BIG things) you do for yourself and everyone around you, you’ll naturally feel more confident. When you’re in a slump and feel things simply aren’t enough, remember that they are if you’re putting the effort in. You may not see results right away but they will come with your hard work and dedication. Appreciate the time you put in and acknowledge your efforts!

3 | Be Happy, Be Kind

Forget about anyone who’s trying to take your mood down. You have to remove that negative energy from your life and cut them out where need be. Surround yourself with people who are the way you want to be! Start thinking positive thoughts and actively trying to remove any unwanted negative energy and stress from your day. This takes self-awareness and training of the mind. When things start turning down take a minute to breathe and think about what makes you happy. Also, be nice to others and remember you don’t know what they’re going through. The kinder you are to others the more it will come back to you (karma)!

4 | Track Your Goals & Ambitions

When you don’t write things down you may forget what’s important to you (seriously). Then, later on down the line, you’ll wonder why things haven’t been done yet. If you write down what you want (short and long-term) you can start taking note on how you are planning on getting there. This way you can acknowledge all of the little wins along the way! As you see your goals come to fruition you will become more confident in your ability to get things done and be more proud with your hard work.

5 | Kick Grudges Aside

These are no good for anyone, ever. Grudges are a complete waste of time as is ‘hate’. You may dislike someone or something, but hate will just expel wasted energy. Put things aside and vow to remove the word hate from your vocabulary. It’s useless! This is the one word I will not use even when I become upset about something. Start to use more passive words and replace those things you don’t like with things you do. Seriously, put those grudges in the waste basket with the negativity! The more you start enjoying life and forgetting about those stupid things lingering you’ll become a happier, more confident person.

6Get Yourself Moving

I know you’re probably rolling yours eyes because this is what everyone says about becoming more confident and happy. Hear me out: it’s not about losing weight and sculpting a 6-pack (but it’s totally cool if you do), it’s about boosting your energy and feeling excited! The more you take care of your body, the better you will feel. I personally love jumping on the treadmill or hitting the pavement for a walk/run to get my endorphins pumping and sweat out the toxins.

Pursue Your True Passions

Is there something you’ve wanted to do forever but never took the time to? Maybe you were nervous? Now is that time. If you haven’t found your passion yet then it’s not too late! Start practicing self-awareness and journalling what you find interesting. With a little time, you are bound to find that one thing that gets you excited.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

There are things that may seem nerve-wracking, but you’ve got it! Why not try? Yes, you could fail… so what? If you never try things that seem ‘risky’ then you’ll never know to what extent you can go! Playing it 100% safe will restrict so many wonderful opportunities for you. Like they say, no risk no reward. I couldn’t vouch for this saying any more. I’ve done plenty of things that made me nervous (so nervous) and even when they didn’t work out I learned so much from them! Taking chances will undoubtedly make you become more confident in your 1) ability to overcome obstacles and 2) your true potential!

Look out for a subsequent post on ‘Becoming Your True Self’ 

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.

E.E. Cummings

What steps will you take to become a more confident person this year? Share below!


  1. Dottywife | 9th Feb 18

    Love your article. You have stunning photos and you look very confident!

    • Bianca | 9th Feb 18

      Thanks so much! You’re sweet <3

  2. Daima Hussain | 9th Feb 18

    I totally agree! All the mistakes we make shape and define us we should not want to change the past but improve on our present.

    • Bianca | 12th Feb 18

      So true! I love your perspective too.

  3. Corretta | 9th Feb 18

    Great post! Really needed this. I have been working on improving my self confidence.

    • Bianca | 12th Feb 18

      1) I love your name! (so pretty)
      2) I’m always working on it. I feel you should never stop so you don’t lose sight of your personal goals, hopes, and ambitions while keeping yourself accountable!

      I hope you have an incredible and positive 2018

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